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Senior Pastor at Jesus House, Chair of RCCG U.K

According to research conducted and published on Christianity today, the black African Pentecostal denomination is fast growing in the UK, with The Redeemed Christian Church of God, (RCCG) being the largest African church in the UK lead by Pastor Agu Irukwu.

The RCCG denomination has 4,000- churches within 10 minutes walking distance taking over London pubs.

What is RCCG?

In July 1909, Akindayomi from Ondo State of Nigeria grew up surrounded by idol worshippers. Searching for answers in Christianity, he joined the Church Missionary Society where he was baptized in 1927.  He later joined the Cherubim and Seraphim church in 1931.

In a vision Akindayomi heard a voice within him saying, “You will be my servant.” For several he attempted to set up business and failed as a result and was also in debt.  

From that time, he decided to accept the call of God to serve in the church, Pa Akindayomi also had a vision of words that appeared to be written on a blackboard. The words were “The Redeemed Christian Church of God.”

In this visitation, God also said to him that this church would go to the ends of the earth and that when the Lord Jesus Christ appeared in glory, He would meet the church.

He said that He the Lord would meet all the needs of the church in an awesome way if only members would serve Him faithfully and be obedient to His Word. It is upon this covenant that the Redeemed Christian Church of God was built.

Thus, the Redeemed Christian Church of God was born in 1952. The church continued to meet at 9 Willoughby Street until they were able to acquire some land thereby witnessing a relocation to the present site of the Headquarters of the church at 1-5 Redemption Way, Ebute-Metta, Lagos formerly 1a, Cemetery Street.

In the early 70s, God had spoken to Pa Akindayomi about his successor. The Lord told him that this man who was not a member of the church then, would be a young educated man. Thus when a young university lecturer joined the church in 1973, Papa was able to recognize him in the Spirit as the one that the Lord had spoken about in the past.

EA Adeboye, RCCG General Overseer

It was Enoch Adejare Adeboye who was then a lecturer of Mathematics at the University of Lagos soon became involved in the church. He became one of the interpreters translating Pa Akindayomi’s sermons from Yoruba to English. He was ordained a pastor of the church in 1975.

Before he passed away, he spent hours sharing with Adeboye to share with him the vision of the church moving forward, being a huge task for the former Mathemetics teacher.

Josiah Akindayomi died at 71 years old and Pastor Adeboye became the successor of the church after his burial.

The church grew at large since 1981, with about 2000 growing parishes of the Redeemed Christian Church of God in Nigeria.

P. Adeboye leading the Holy Ghost Service

The flagship program of RCCG is the Holy Ghost Service, an all-night miracle service with about 500,000 in attendance holds on the first Friday of every month at the Redemption Camp at Km. 46, Lagos-Ibadan expressway.

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