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A pastor who calls himself Magnus Ogun posted on his Facebook page 17 reasons why women should not aspire to marry pastors for several reasons.

According to him women who marry pastors do not have a life and are only there to fulfil the vision of their husband.

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Are you praying to have a Pastor as your husband, If yes, then you have a good desire, but before then take good look at this

This is what no one is telling many who is aspiring to marry Pastor.


1. If you can’t support his ministry with your time and resources please don’t marry a Pastor.

2. If you don’t believe in his ministry, don’t marry a Pastor. You must believe in everything he believes in, his doctrine, style of preaching and give him or her your total support.

3. Don’t marry a Pastor if you are too jealous, you will always suspect him of having an affair and end up disgracing him.

4. If you want a man that will be at home with you every night don’t marry a Pastor.

5. If you want to eat all the time and will not be able to fast and pray with him don’t marry a Pastor

6. If you can’t afford for him to be quiet and keep to himself for some hours and not talk to anyone. If you feel he must talk 24hrs of the day, you are about to marry a wrong person.

7. If you can’t give sacrificially, please don’t marry a Pastor.

8. If you are someone who believes the evil that people say against Pastors please don’t marry one.

9. If you can’t obey COMMANDS, don’t marry a Pastor sometimes he may be under strict instructions from God

10. If you can’t take nonsense from people don’t marry a Pastor. We take nonsense all the time …its part of our calling.

11. If you can’t forgive easily, don’t marry a Pastor.

12. If you want to look at all times at any expense, don’t marry a Pastor. Sometimes your character and reputation will be attacked. Lies will be told on you. What you never conceived in your accused of.

13. If you enjoy gossip don’t marry a Pastor.

14. If you want to be a society lady and not a virtuous woman please don’t marry a Pastor

15. If you can’t nurture visions from smallness to maturity don’t marry a Pastor.

16. If you want to marry the man, and not the Pastor in the man, as many say today please don’t marry a Pastor

17. If you are not ready to feed stranger’s please don’t marry a pastor cause all these and many more is involve in the ministry work!
You are blessed and lifted