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It was an inspirational moment recently when an orphan lady bagged a Master’s degree. In the course of this, she had to go through a lot to sponsor herself through university education.

She was later employed at the science laboratories where she worked to raise money to pursue her Master’s degree.

The girl named Jespher Nyaboke was entrusted in the care of a foster mother, after the death of her mother at childbirth. The foster mother maltreated her up to the point that she lost one of her ears as a result of torture and maltreatment.

She escaped from the house when she was 10 to look for better alternatives, and she was picked up by a stranger who started treating her well and enrolled her in a school.

Jespher Nyaboke was born in a remote village of Kiong’ongi in Nyamir, Kenya. She started her primary education and continued at Kebabe Girl’s High School, where she sat for Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) in 2002.

Initially, she had the dream of becoming a nurse until she lost her guardian mysteriously.

She explained she loved the profession because of how neat and smart they are always dressed “I love how they are always clean with their white coats.” But it wasn’t meant to be as her guardian died of suspected food poisoning. I lost all hopes, and it was an unfortunate moment for me.

This led to her taking up odd jobs to take care of herself, and it was during the struggle that she met a friend of hers who passed her a copy of the Mount Kenya University’s prospectus in 2009.

 The prospectus contained diploma courses in medical laboratory and nursing, but the school was located at Thika, a distance of more than 300 kilometers to where she lived.

I didn’t have any money on me for transportation or tuition fees. I applied for a constituency bursary, and was granted KSh 4,000,” she explained.

Nyaboke then expended her savings from the menial jobs she did to buy items in the prospectus to start in the university.

However, when she got to Thika town, she was told that she could only secure admission number if she paid the mandatory KSh 100. Fortunately for her, an official of the school’s admission department paid on her behalf.

This was the start of other problems for the young lady as there was no money to pay for either accommodation in or outside of the campus.

With little or no alternative, she had to sleep in lecture halls at night with the help of tables as a temporary bed.

Investigations revealed that she used to freshen up and prepare for the day’s work by using the ablution block, take sweets for breakfast, and wait for classes without nobody knowing.

When the hunger was unbearable, I explained my plight to a close friend who took my case to the MKU Students Association Cabinet.

The Cabinet wrote to the university Board of Directors Chairman Simon Gicharu who was very understanding,” Nyaboke revealed. She explained that the university offered her a full scholarship in 2014 to help her graduate with a degree in Medical Laboratory. 

When she finished her first degree, the university did well to offer her a job at the science laboratories where she worked to sponsor her Master’s degree in the same course.

In an era, a lot of youths give up because of disappointments and challenges, Jespher Nyaboke exemplifies real courage, resilience, and determination.

She has shown that despite anything life throw at you as challenges, you can pick up all the pieces and build an empire with it.

How strong are you?

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