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Kanye and Kim west can’t wait for their fourth child who is on the way. Although they both admitted they are yet to be ready, they also can’t wait to welcome new addition to their family through a surrogate.

The “can’t tell me nothing” singer and his wife, Kim can’t wait to be a family of six.

Though Kim is reported to be coming to terms with the prospective baby, she thinks she will be better when the baby finally comes to the world.  

According to a source, she is finding it challenging to be mentally ready for the new addition because Chicago, who is the last born and is yet to clock two, made her feel better emotionally she gave birth to her.

Both Kim and Kanye are so happy about the prospect because Chicago has been a bundle of joy to them as she grew so rapidly it was unbelievable. It is reported that they already made up their mind that this is probably the last child they will birth because they believe four kids in an ideal world is perfect for them both.

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