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Serge Benhayon, the leader of The Universal Medicine claims to be able to cure conditions such as cancer with breast massages, vaginal manipulation and burping.  


  1. A Maroubra in eastern Australia brankput tennis coach to living Messiah and property mogul in a few short years.
  2. Mr Benhayon established his religion, Universal Medicine, in 1999 after allegedly receiving a spiritual epiphany while sitting on the toilet.
  3. Mr Benhayon claims to be the reincarnation of Leonardo da Vinci and calls himself the “Ascended Master” or “One of The Hierarchy”.
  4. His religion now has more than 2000 followers, from a range of professions including medicine, law and academia.
  5. Mr Benhayon has claimed his religion doesn’t “keep people in a compound” or “lock the doors”, but he does demand extreme devotion from his members in return for the “Ageless Wisdom” he imparts.
  6. Instead, hundreds of his followers have chosen to live close to his sprawling northern NSW estate, where he lives with his family and drives Audis.
  7. He believes Audis are the only “energetically balanced” car in the world and will not drive any other vehicle.
  8. He has also recently established a global headquarters, in the English countryside, where he has recruited hundreds more followers.
  9. He also tells his followers that they have experienced at least 2300 lives each

Watch video: The Cult | International investigation into Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine | Sunday Night

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