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A Nigerian woman known as Chiaka Thelma has just given birth to six babies (four boys and two girls) at the Woman’s Hospital of Texas over the weekend. 

According to the hospital she gave birth in, the chances of giving birth to sextuplets are said to be a one in 4.7 billion. The hospital further revealed that the newborns came to the world around 4:50 a.m. and 4:59 a.m. 

The babies’ weights weigh around 1 pound (0.4kg), 12 ounces (0.3kg) to 2 pounds (0.9kg), and 14 ounces (0.39kg). They are in good condition and will continue to receive the best care in the hospital’s sophisticated neonatal intensive care unit.

The girls have been named Zina and Zuriel already by the happy mother of six, while she is said to be thinking about names she can give to the boys.

How many kids do you want at once? Let’s know your views.

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