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US based Nigerian actor Joseph Okechukwu shared on his facebook page an important message for the nation of Nigeria.

He wrote:


So, a little over 24 hours ago, I had this crazy but very vivid dream of near uncontrollable chaos breaking out in Nigeria…I know there are predictions for election season violence here and there, but this one was beyond bizarre. Not very sure, but it appeared as though it had started before the elections due to strong disagreements between the two main political parties. I saw fierce looking civilians youths jumping into military trucks with with sticks and other weapons, to fight alongside the military.

I overheard someone asking “are they aware that America will intervene if they strike”? And the other person answered “yes! We told them but they said they don’t care”. I saw bombs dropped indiscriminately in residential areas, people running helter skelter, fire and smoke everywhere, then I woke up.

Two years ago, I had an open, clear cut vision of a dark near endless wall of darkness enveloping the Nigerian nation beyond 2019 elections. This dream seems to corroborate that.

This is no attempt at fear mongering. There’s real danger around the corner and we can’t wish it away with positive thinking. We must do more. Hopefully by Tuesday, we’d already have an action plan on how to prepare for what is coming.

Watch and pray!


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