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R. Kelly has identified a bizarre reason for granting an interview to Gayle King on national TV to put the records straight in the sexual allegations leveled against him. He said, “his spirit just want him to open up to the world on the truth.”

Multiple sources close to the “storm is over singer” said R. Kelly sat down with Gayle because he always feels his “spirit” and listens to it than folks around him. He also said he owes himself and his supporters the truth, thereby breaking his long silence on the reported allegations.

Kelly quickly went overboard in the CBS interview, shouting on top of his voice and accusing his accusers of lies and eventually getting emotional until the tears flowed.

 After the interview that was shown last week, many viewers thought that it was all a show off put together to save face, while others believe the singer is going through some trauma and emotional breakdown as a result of the issue. Some persons also used the opportunity to poke fun at R.kelly on social media platforms.

R.kelly was said to have replied that he doesn’t give a f*** about what the people think about him, which looks the opposite when you look at his emotional outbursts on the CBS interview.