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Tunde is a medical doctor, fashion designer who is originally from Edo state, Nigeria.

He launched his clothing line Oamen Klothiers in 2017 in Ukraine while he was studying in the same country.

His main intention was to sow his personal wears, when others began to fall in love with his fashion sense.

Essentially, he just wanted to make his own clothes, but then he decided to earn money to gradually become a brand. He’s into both native and English wear.

Living in Ukraine is quite different and he observed that the residents prefer casuals wears than formal clothes.

Tunde looks forward to bringing his brand to Nigeria as soon as possible. He said he prefer the vibe in the Nigerian Fashion Industry.

He also encourages other upcoming entrepreneurs to keep working hard and believe in yourself to succeed in business.

“With a lot of hard work and dedication, I would love to become a global brand in the next 10 years”, Tunde said.

Check him on instagram @Oamen_O

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