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A social media video is flying over the internet released by Charles Awuzie about Pastor Yemisi the estranged wife of controversial preacher Joshua Iginla speaking to a church gathering. He wrote:

The Real Issues Why Joshua Iginla Divorced His Wife…

Recently, ‘Prophet’ Joshua Iginla announced the end of his marriage in his church alleging that his wife had extra marital affairs which produced what he called an “unholy” child… Joshua Iginla also confessed that he retaliated by also cheating on his wife… A social media commentor said Joshua indirectly labeled his family a ‘home of adultery and adulterations’… Whatever that meant… On this issue of adultery, my prayers are with Joshua Iginla… This is a weakness on his side and I cannot judge him for his sexual weakness… However, sources close to Iginla debunked his confessions saying he wanted to brand his wife as an evil woman and play the victim… “Charles, remember the leaked audio of Iginla consulting the witchdoctor?” My source reminded me… “Yes, I can’t forget my own post lol….” I responded. “Well, Charles, the reason why Iginla divorced his wife several years ago even before he confessed to his church is contained in that leaked audio. That audio revealed that Iginla’s witchdoctor allegedly forbade him from ever having anything to do with his wife if he wants to retain his power and fame…. So these prophets sacrifice their family and marriage in exchange for what they have… These pastors have other wives besides the ones you see on billboards… Charles, you should know these things because you were friends with these guys”. My source said, taking breaks between her sentences in a way to give me enough time to ruminate on her words. I saw sense in her logic. I have revisited the translated script of the leaked audio and I can believe my source’s argument… Joshua Iginla may have lied against his wife just to save his face and his failing ministry.

It is better to tell the world that your marriage crashed because of adultery instead of allowing the world to find out that your witchdoctor forbade you from ever seeing your wife but instead have sex with countless women a day to renew your powers. By confessing adultery, the man tried to escape the hammer of the reformers because he follows us and knows that we don’t condemn weakness but Wickedness. However, this Reformation is driven by Superhuman intelligence and we are now exposing the main reason why Iginla announced the end of his marriage with a woman he has not had sex with for the past 7 years.

We are not fools. This is not a case of adultery. Most Women of today would forgive a cheating husband because they know that the next man they will meet might also cheat… But No real woman tolerates Witchcraft or diabolism for long. They would develop fear and stay away from the man.
Iginla has succeeded in labeling his wife a prostitute to shut her up. But we the Reformers shall contact his wife and give her a voice. We know how to reach his wife and by the time she opens the can of worms, Africa will open their eyes to the diabolic wickedness of the dark hearted men they call Spiritual Daddy.

TRUTH Prevails.
Script of the conversation between Iginla and the witchdoctor: