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The ongoing feud between Iyanya and business partner Ubi Franklin gets ugly as Ubi claims that Iyanya is spreading lies around about him.

Ubi Franklin has stated in a new interactive session that Iyanya demanded not to be included in the first contract document between them.

The fight between Iyanya and his former friend and business partner, Ubi Franklin has taken yet another twist as Ubi has denied every allegation leveled on him by the “oreo” singer.

Following new allegations by Iyanya against his former friend and partner, Ubi Franklin that he lied against him and he never signed any contract and that his time at the label was beset by confusion.

”What people don’t understand is, I didn’t sell my share. People meet me and ask hey, why did you sell your shares?

I didn’t sell any of my shares; I had to leave Triple MG at the time because there was so much confusion. In the middle of all these confusions, I decided to leave and try a new adventure,” Iyanya posited.

Ubi in an interactive session with Cool FM on yesterday, replied to these allegations while also providing documents to back up his claims.

Shedding light on why Iyanya’s name was not on the original document that set up the label, he stated that Iyanya had demanded to be left out as he didn’t want to be part of the management aspect. He just wanted to make music, and without the signature of all involved, the document cannot stand.

”Iyanya was not part of it, simply because he wanted to focus on the music.”