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Award-winning American rapper Kanye West has made an announcement that he will bring a different gospel turn to this year Coachella Music festival.

The Grammy winner announced this during a flight recently where he explained that the show would be on the same day as Easter Sunday it promises to be another opportunity for the ever-growing YE church fan base to catch the thrill live.

Over time, Kanye’s music has been imbibed with a touch of spiritual meaning. An example of this can be seen tracks like Jesus Walks, No church in the wild, Ghost Town and a lot more.

Kanye West also talked about his belief and faith in the past.

“Love supersedes all, and when you start opening your mind to love and forgiving people, then you can win over things.

From the innermost part of me, I believe love is the best thing in the world.

Everyone should try hard enough to get a ticket to the Coachella’s Sunday party because it will live up to its hype.

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