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Are you a new pastor and struggling financially? Your church members are not paying regular tithes and first fruits and it’s getting frustrating. The days ahead are difficult and you are about to give up on pastoring because there is no seeds sown as it used to be? Please see 7 tips to help you increase your sales forecasts for the rest of the year. After reading this guide you will become a successful pastor sales executive.

  1. Have a limited time sales or promotion
    Each time you have the opportunity to ask people for donations, let your parishioners know that God said they should drop an offering or seed immediately. If they cannot give the amount you have asked tell them that God have changed his mind that they are allowed to sow any amount and even coins.
  2. Create a sense of urgency in a flash sale promotion
    When the choir minstrels are singing before you come to preach at the pulpit tell the worship leader to bring a fast paced song. Take the mic and instructs your sheep to give God a crazy praise. After they have danced let them know to rush forward and quickly drop a seed. Ensure the musicians are focused and the drummer is playing fast. After that switch to a worship mode song and cry tears then close the sale with a word of prayer.
  3. Use social media to your advantage
    Every 21st century church have social media accounts to connect with people who are not able to attend the church service. They also have the opportunity to show a seed, pledge online by using sites like PayPal and other safe online transaction websites. In that way, you will still have an extra income coming from your web followers. Ensure you have a donation button on the landing page of your website.
  4. Raise your prices
    When you have the opportunity invite a popular preacher to teach for at a special event. That person you select must have track records of leading a mega church and if possible if they have private jets you will jackpot. The person you invite will effortlessly make money for you because of their celebrity status. Automatically your church congregation will bring a bigger offering. This works always.
  5. Understand what motivates your customers to buy
    Preach a sugar-coated message and make sure that money is at least preached for half of the sermon. Most people who come to church are poor and they want God to make them rich. This is your chance to take advantage of their plight to increase your sales. Never preach the truth always tell stories and the emphasis on money.
  6. Personalize your business by sharing your story
    It is important to always share unverified stories such as a woman who was poor and became a millionaire after a prophetic instruction. Let them know that God has anointed you to make Africa rich. Always share testimonies that will stir up their belief system. They will be mesmerized and every time you speak they will drop an offering.
  7. Repeat each steps every week
    This is how many pastors are using the name of God for profit and they never go punished. If you are pastor and you do such things woe unto you! The eyes of many people have opened and Jesus Christ alone is worthy to be glorified.