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According to local sources, Nipsey Hussle, An American rapper was shot multiple times outside his clothing store on Sunday.

The clothing store, located in the Hyde Park environs of Los Angeles, south of Crenshaw was thrown into pandemonium when a gunman opened fire on three people at the store.

Out of three people shot at the door, two are in serious and critical conditions while only the 33-year-old singer was declared dead according to TMZ.

The suspected killer was thought to be in his early 20s with black skin. Different stories have reported that he came to the store on foot and after carrying out the dastardly act, he flees into a waiting vehicle allegedly driven by a woman.

 However, an hour before the shooting, Nipsey tweeted a cryptic message on his twitter handle, having strong enemies is a blessing.

People think this is connected to the killing as they believe he knows beforehand what was coming.

What do you think?

Do you think the government should revise the gun laws to curb the constant killings?

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