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Thaddeus Matthews is the senior pastor of Naked Truth Liberation and Empowerment Ministries in Memphis, Tenn, United States.

Also known as “cussing pastor for using profanity words such as “f**** you, th controversial preacher allowed women in his ministry to take part in a twerking contest at his church in January 2019.

He took on his social media account to defend his decision:

“This message is for all you hypoChristians who live hypocritical and f***ed up lives when you have the nerve to judge someone else. I look at many of you who have criticized the young ladies who were dancing in my gymnasium in my church. I look on your pages gatherings? got your a**, your titties out. You got all type of trash in your life but you want to be the one to judge – f*** you,” said Matthew.

He further posted another video where he said: “You motherf***ers who are out here judging, there is nothing in the Bible about dancing, but it is judging. Again, f*** you.”

How far is the Pentecostal movement going with preachers like this who use vain words and worldliness to lead Christian gatherings?