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Yesterday afternoon the whole world witnessed Nigeria’s Vice President Prof. Yemi Osinbajo’s helicopter crash while he made his way to Kabba in Kogi state to launch Trader Moni scheme a social investment empowerment scheme.

The accident leaving carcasses of the helicopter happened at the venue of landing in Kabba. This is the second time the vice president is involved in a helicopter crash in the space of one year. Reports emerged that VP and the entire cabin crew and entourage was not hurt.

The VP posted a message on his Twitter thanking everyone for their concerns at the time of the accident which could have costed his life.  He said:

The news spread all over social media with different views with some citizens praying for the safety of the Vice President while others could only think of the worse since the elections are coming up in February. The opposition candidates also wished him well and quick recovery in case any injury was sustained.

Notably presidential aspirant Mr Atiku Abubkaka tweeted:

While looking at other citizens of Nigeria especially those who are of the opposing side in the country have been full of joy on social media. Many among them were “Christians”. A former spokesperson of former Ekiti governor Lere Olayinka, was trying to play out politics from the incident.

Other people also tagged the name of God to that incident by saying “God is showing clear signs to the vice president on his principal second term in office ambition”. It’s a saddening issue, if citizens who should be praying and wishing our leaders well, apart from political parties, religion, tribal differences. But we have come to mock them of their shortcomings.

This incident proves that Nigeria is a society filled with negative minded people and Christians who are wishing their leaders dead because they are not playing the games according to their plans. They have therefore now labeled him as an enemy of the Republic of Nigeria.

Ethnicity, political or religious difference blind our eyes to the shortcomings of our fellow human beings and we are now happy with their shortcomings, this is the current state of Nigeria.

The vice president will continue in his engagement in Kogi state and return back to the Federal Capital with a lot of work to do in his efforts to service the nation for a better Nigeria.

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