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Big Brother Naija, also known as Double Wahala returns in 2019 for the third season of the Nigerian scripted version of the Endemol production reality show.

Big Brother Naija is the Nigerian version of the international franchise Big Brother created by producer John De mol in 1997.

The constants are living inside a glass house for a period of time and will be playing all sorts of games.

Each week the housemates will be nominating the person they feel should be evicted from house.

This year’s show in Nigeria will be hosted ex-housemate Ebuka Obi-Uchendu who has since gained popularity among the celebrities.

The show has acumen a lot of millions from advertisement and other endorsements. BB Naija has also produced few stars for the Nollywood movie industry.

The audition started today with lots of millennials who have been showing interest to participate in the show. The reality TV show gained a reputation for enabling the unemployed youth to enrich themselves, with the emphasis on promoting their sexual prowess live on TV.

I belive that Big Brother Nigeria has done more harm to society than good. The youths who are supposed to be innovative and nation builders are focusing their attentions to be locked up inside of a house with cameras showcasing their promiscuous lifestyle for fame and money.

This clearly show the incapability by the Nigerian youths because of N25 Million and a SUV car given as a reward, their souls and attention have diverted from pending national issues, and how to contribute to nation development.

I clamored for the stoppage of the show last year, while it was going on, and with their televised immoral images. Even our religious leaders keep mute due to their unclean hands on this part, that has to do with the morals and values of the nation, which they racket that their religious groups stand for.

Nigeria is preparing towards its general election; the youths have been diverted already. While the USA, India, China are coming up with new improved technological methods to better their lives and their countries.

The Nigerian youth have shifted their focus to watch and be part this degrading and uncultivable reality TV Show. They have forgotten that “Leaders are made and not born” for the country to be prosperous and stop being called lazy youths by its president, they must show signs of assiduousness and standards.

The issue of wanting to get quick fame in Nigeria is also one of the reasons they youths are joining such programmes. We also have the issue of unemployment to blame, which is very high, thereby leaving the lazy ones who wants to do corporate jobs jostling for this satanic show.

By Yakubu Jimoh – Trainee Journalist at Nija Box

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