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The Big Brother Naija Show has been trending in Nigeria for the past three years since it began airing on Nigerian TV.  The Reality TV show has brought many controversies to the African culture due to the depravity portrayed live before the eyes of our mothers, sisters, brothers and fathers, not reflecting the culture of the land.

If we recall a while ago the President of Nigeria made a bold statement that the youth are lazy and look who is rushing to enter the big brother’s house, the youth who are unemployed and desperately seeking for quick rich scheme, poverty is also another factor leading them to debauchery.

BB Naija has attracted a lot of attention when the company in charge announced the return of the show in the new year. Confirmed sources have told Nija Box that during the audition’s females were mandated to touch the private parts of their male counterparts to engage into sexual acts.  

Popular Nigerian radio host, Daddy Freeze, who’s a campaigner against pastors collecting money in the church, aided his voice to this show and claiming its very good thing. It’s very sad, if he doesn’t see anything wrong in the show taking away our moral virtues and our way of life from us. One of the saddening things is that those who should be serving and portraying themselves as role models to the younger generations are not doing so.

The story of Makosi a Zimbabwean citizen who resigned her nursing job in the UK in 2006, to participate in the show, and later got pregnant from the show. The pregnancy later turned down her life and career. She was barred from her country and deported from UK, after trying to come back dubiously. She later regretted her actions, which took then and painted her career and name black.

Although, she’s in Nigeria now living her life after the Big Brother UK nearly turn her life to a miserable one. The earlier the better we are made to understand the ripple effect, that’s when the nation can stand right.

Even though Big Brother UK has been stripped of air, after 18 years in UK last year. This show needs to stop now, it’s an act introduced to buy away the hearts of the youths and get them distracted from necessary issues.

Are we now trying to come into conclusions, that who will save our nation from impending doom, this show is now gaining more momentum?

Yakubu Jimoh

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