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Africa is the second populous continent in the world with 43 countries, consisting of West Africa, South Africa, East Africa and South Africa. Nigeria in this case is the most populated of it, with about 200 Million people, often regarded as Giant of Africa.

In Africa traditional religion is practised whereby gods are served as the creators. But in the 18’s the introduction of Islam and Christianity became a new world event for Africans. The two religion found its way into the heart of the people, becoming the major religion in Africa, reducing the worshippers of idols to its smaller level.

In Africa each household is either Muslim or Christian. But the term religion was introduced to make mankind love each other and be a devoted follower of God. With the current rise of religious powerful sect are now ruling the Africa society, due to the crowd they are controlling.

The continent of Africa was faced with a lot of persistent problems ranging from corruption, insecurity, unemployment and other sorts of problem. Those who rose to leadership power in Africa are believed to be product of the church and mosques.  It is also believed that the religious leaders don’t preach the truth since they collect pennies they get from politicians.

Those religious leaders are not telling politicians the ills in the society, and how they have failed to govern the society. They keep pestering them and encourage them to bring money to the religious leaders to maintain a flamboyant lifestyle.

For Africa to become a better society, the political elites must teach the religious leaders what they are supposed to be doing, by taxing them and encouraging more hard work, instead of staying all day long in the religious house. Those same powerful men who control churches have in recent time be telling their followers to drink pesticides, herbicides and other dangerous sorts of chemicals in exchange of miracles.

In some instance, the religious leader is so powerful that in many homes in Africa 90% of housewives respect their religious leaders than their husbands. They sought after them for different issues and take them as almost their biological parents.

So, to end the numerous problems facing our society, do you think the religious leaders in Africa should be restricted to certain things? And being taxed for collecting big revenues every month?

In Africa today before you get to see two schools you have already seen 10 religious centres, mainly churches. This is where they take people into their cults to brainwash the locals on many untrue circumstances.

Let’s take for instance, the insurgency problem facing northern Nigeria where the religious leaders are the major cause and influence behind the problems. We have numerous sects in the north apart from Boko Haram, like Shiia, ISIS, Al Shabab which is believed to be influence by the religious leaders.

To end the problems of Africa, Religious Leaders must be regulated and encourage people to further their education curriculum instead of taking advantage of people’s vulnerabilities.  

Yakubu Jimoh

Nija Box- Trainee Journalist

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