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The Legendary RnB singer, R.kelly currently charged with charges related to sexual abuse of teenagers has asked the media to take it easy on him and allow him some space to breathe.

Although all wrongdoings have been denied by the singer, he is still battling to convince people of his innocence.

However, it is reported that R.kelly was at a club at Illinois capital city but didn’t perform. Instead, he met fans that paid between $50 to $90 to see him and engaged them in a chit chat before he moved out.

He was reported to have thanked supporters who throng the venue for their support and reiterated his innocence.

Although there are some grumbles from a few who believed the appearance was not worth the amount they paid to see him.

Since the case started, Kelly has opened up about how it has been hard to keep up with his day to day financial life and how difficult it has been to get a gig in America. This has led to several cases related to defaulting child support, inability to pay his legal fees and other sundry expenses.

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