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Shepherd Bushiri was born on the 20th of February 1978. He is widely known as the “Major One” prophet. Bushiri is the founder of the Enlightened Christian Gathering and has a major following, making him not only a prominent religious figure but also in politics. Many people don’t know about the influence he has around the world. For the skeptics and other inquisitive persons please see below 7 facts that you never knew about the fraudulent self-acclaimed Prophet from Malawi.

1.         He claims to cure HIV and other diseases by performing miracles, although those claims generated a huge backlash, which led to his ban from the country of Botswana and shutdown of one of his churches.

2.         He has an estimated net worth of $150 million US dollars. The source of his wealth is believed to have come from his Evangelism, farming, and telecoms. He also happens to be among the richest people in the landlocked country of Malawi due to his ability to practise mind-reading and astral projection which has so far caught the attention of important people across the world.

3.         The ‘supernatural prophet’ has earned himself a reputation as a man of God with succinct prophecies. His over 200,000 congregations both in South Africa and Malawi puts him in a good position to influence the economic and political changes in these countries.

4.         He purchased a new Gulf Stream private jet on January 6, 2016, making it the 3rd in his jet collection. What can I say, a brand new jet for a brand new year! In an official ceremony organised by National Airways Corporation (NAC) in South Africa, the jet which was worth $37 million was unveiled and Bushiri was handed the certificate of a ZS-VIP by Larry Flynn, Gulf Stream Manager noting that he(Bushiri) is the youngest to afford a gulf stream jet. Shepherd Bushiri just became the 2nd pastor in the world with the highest number of private jets after Bishop Oyedepo who has about 4 of them.

5.         Early last year, reports emerged that Bushiri was sending about R15 million a month to his birth country Malawi. It was said the money was transported out of South Africa to Malawi in the pastor’s private jet and a few vehicles.

6.         The Hawks’ case against the pair(Bushiri), concerns alleged offences of fraud, money laundering and contravention of the Prevention of Organised Crime Act. (POCA), committed from 2015, in relation to Exchange Control Regulations related to foreign currency in an amount of US$1,147 200.

7.         The Gauteng community safety MEC (Member of the Executive Council) Sizakele Nkosi-Malobane called for the prosecution of those who removed the bodies of three congregants from Bushiri’s church following a stampede in December 2018.

The day before his arrest the CRL Rights Commission ruled that Bushiri was not responsible for the stampede and that the church fully complied with safety regulations. His supporters believe there is a lot of xenophobia in the way organisations and some authorities in South Africa deal with Bushiri. After the stampede in December, the SA National Civic Organisation (Sanco) led protests against Bushiri and made calls that he be deported to his native Malawi.

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