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A six-year-old girl who will not be named for legal reasons has been sexually abused by Nigeria based Pastor Austine Ajaera of City of Believers International in Port Harcourt.

According to the girl, the sexual assault took place on 22nd of December 2018 at their home for several months until it was discovered by the mother of the child.

“The pastor told his children to go to sleep, he took my daughter into his bedroom, and forced his way through her vagina and buttocks”. The mother said.

The pastor’s daughter told the girl’s mother that her father used to tell them to go to their bedroom and sleep while he was taking the girl into his bedroom.

On the 23rd December 2018, a medical examination was carried out, the doctor confirmed that a male organ was forced through the child’s vagina and anus.

Nija Box has obtained the doctor’s report it states:

The pastor’s family have applied for bail with a court hearing scheduled on 27th of February 2019 at High Court 9 block b in Port Harcourt presided by Justice Elsie Thompson.